Topical Creams and Salves

Rub it on, massage it in, and nourish your skin while soothing away the aches and pain.

Dozens of customers can't be wrong--our handmade topicals manufactured in small batches to ensure quality really works! From hand creams to body lotions to extra potent pain creams, we've figured out the right combination of ingredients to give you maximum relief while nourishing your skin. Hemp flowers, old-fashioned botanicals, and functional mushrooms grown at our craft farm are meticulously extracted which are then used as the main ingredient for our products. 

Medicinal Edibles

Gummies, chocolates, capsules, and tinctures, oh my! Who knew taking care of your healh could be this easy and yummy!

Give yourself the gift of sleep and relaxation while letting the compounds from our edibles contribute to your overall physical health and mental well-being. Infused with hemp flower extracts or double-extracted mushroom concentrates, our gummies, chocolates, capsules, and tinctures combine proven techniques and effective formulations gleaned from traditional medicine and modern science. We started out by making these products for family members who suffer from high stress and anxiety and we were blown away by the results we just had to share it with the world!

Smokable Hemp Flowers

Grown by artisans who take pride in the art and science of growing hemp, our pesticide-free hemp cultivation offers a purer, more natural product which uphold our commitment to environmental sustainability and consumer well-being. This approach safeguards against harmful chemical residues, ensuring a safer end product for consumers while preserving biodiversity and soil health.

Quality Artisanal Products from our Craft Farm

Meet our founder

Driven by love to find relief for a loved one suffering from bipolar disorder, Jenn embarked on a journey to uncover alternative approaches for treating an affliction that impacts most of us today.

Jenn Reed is a technology business leader and an innovative problem-solver who pursues goals regardless of setbacks, opposition, or previous failures by others. Driven by love and self-confidence from having delivered large-scale projects, some requiring unpopular change, Jenn embarked on a journey to find relief for a loved one suffering from bipolar disorder. Plants and Fungi is the result of countless nights of research and experiments, testing and quality control, heartbreaks and rewards, sleep deprivation, and joy from learning how our products have helped people. 

Jenn is author of several For Dummies books on Microsoft 365 technologies. She is married to Rick Reed, a retired Hawaii state senator, and former All-Coast defensive back who played football at Washington State University.

Her son, Siddha, is an entrepreneur who runs an IT consulting firm ( He is a pragmatic and customer-centric centennial who truly embodies the “be productive anytime, anywhere, on any device” world of work. He is a technical editor for Jenn's publisher, Wiley Press.