Quality Artisanal Products from our Craft Farm

Pesticide-Free Hemp

Grown by artisans who care take pride in the art and science of growing hemp (Cannabis Sativa L), our pesticide-free hemp cultivation offers a purer, more natural product which uphold our commitment to environmental sustainability and consumer well-being. This approach safeguards against harmful chemical residues, ensuring a safer end product for consumers while preserving biodiversity and soil health.

Mushrooms Demystified

Our bug-free, indoor-grown gourmet mushrooms are culinary powerhouses that effortlessly elevate the flavor profiles of dishes while offering a remarkable meat-like texture, making them an invaluable asset in both taste enhancement and vegetarian diets. Their rich umami essence adds depth and complexity to a range of recipes, imparting a savory note that complements various cuisines. Beyond flavor, mushrooms possess a unique ability to mimic the texture and mouthfeel of meat, providing a satisfying alternative for vegetarian diets. With their versatility and nutritional value, mushrooms offer a wholesome, plant-based option rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

Mushroom Medley Box

The Mushroom Medley is a colorful assortment of tasty mushrooms available at the time of purchase. As a service to our local community, friends, and neighbors, we also offer a discounted subscription plan delivered at your door weekly!

IMPORTANT! Delivery is restricted to within city limits of Monroe, Snohomish, and Sultan, Washington. If you live outside of these cities, you can still sign up and gift the subscription to friends and family or donate it to a charity in the area. Please contact us at yourfriends@plantsandfungi.com if you'd like to make a donation.

Subscriptions have a minimum commitment of 3 months. 2 weeks' notice is required to cancel a subscription.

Meet our founder

Driven by love to find relief for a loved one suffering from bipolar disorder, Jenn embarked on a journey to uncover alternative approaches for treating an affliction that impacts most of us today.

Jenn Reed is a technology business leader and an innovative problem-solver who pursues goals regardless of setbacks, opposition, or previous failures by others. Driven by love and self-confidence from having delivered large-scale projects, some requiring unpopular change, Jenn embarked on a journey to find relief for a loved one suffering from bipolar disorder. Plants and Fungi is the result of countless nights of research and experiments, testing and quality control, heartbreaks and rewards, sleep deprivation, and joy from learning how our products have helped people. 

Jenn is author of several For Dummies books on Microsoft 365 technologies. She is married to Rick Reed, a retired Hawaii state senator, and former All-Coast defensive back who played football at Washington State University.

Her son, Siddha, is an entrepreneur who runs an IT consulting firm (Cloud611.com). He is a pragmatic and customer-centric centennial who truly embodies the “be productive anytime, anywhere, on any device” world of work. He is a technical editor for Jenn's publisher, Wiley Press.